For its linked open datasets, The Norman Sicily Project uses a custom vocabulary. Previous versions and source code are available via Github.


Currently, the site dataset includes Norman monasteries in Sicily from the period beginning 1060 until 1194. It is available in various formats, including CSV, GeoJSON, JSON-LD, N3, RDF/XML, and TTL. For the CSV and GeoJSON formats, there is a data dictionary to describe the columns.

Currently, the people dataset includes the Hautevilles who ruled Sicily and southern Italy as well as a wide variety of individuals who were part of their extended family network. Developed from numerous published scholarly sources, the tree is both chronologically and geographically broad in an effort to situate the Hautevilles within numerous aristocratic families from across the European continent. With that said, the genealogy is meant to be suggestive, not comprehensive. It is available for download in various formats, including GEDCOM, TTL, OWL, and JSON.

Dataset Notes

All of the datasets are LOD three star compliant.

LOD 3 stars

All of the datasets are released under.

CC BY-SA 4.0

Previous versions and source code of this site are available via Github.