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Who, What and Where: Monastic Patrons in Norman Sicily

Although at first robust, the Norman rulers’ patronage of monasteries appears to have waned significantly after the death of Roger I in 1101. Certain regions were focuses of monastic activity whereas others were relatively untouched. As for the spiritual patrons these communities honored, they, too, became more restricted as time went on.

Christina's Thoughts on Five Places in Sicily

Take a journey through time when you visit these five Sicilian attractions. Medievalists and Italian culture enthusiasts will enjoy an abundance of architectural masterpieces that serve as standing icons of Sicily’s Norman past. The Norman period (c. 1061 – 1194) encompasses a culturally rich point in Sicily’s history during which the island experienced transformative sociopolitical changes. Despite the significant amount of time that has passed since the Norman period, its influence remains relevant to the twenty-first-century traveler and scholar.