Ally on Why the Norman Sicily Project is Important

Throughout my time working with The Norman Sicily Project, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about so many different areas of study that I never would have experienced otherwise. Recently, I’ve been working on confirming the existence of the churches during the Norman period. In these past few weeks, I’ve gotten a glimpse at how historians use sources for their research. I had no idea how hard this was until I had to do it myself. It is extremely difficult to find the information that this site contains, since it all comes from different sources, which are often hard to track down or in another language.

So much work has gone into The Norman Sicily Project, which is exactly why this project is so important. The Norman Sicily Project allows everybody to learn about Sicily’s Norman past by putting all of this information together in one place. People no longer have to search countless sources to learn about Norman Sicily. Thanks to The Norman Sicily Project, anybody can learn about Sicily’s Norman rulers and their families, the history of sites throughout the island, the geological sustainability of the sites, and much more.

Another great thing about The Norman Sicily Project is that it allows visitors to contribute information to be added to the project’s records. Anybody can send a message through our website and inform us about new data or corrections to our current data. This is really beneficial because there is just so much information out there that we may not have found on our own. So much can be learned from locals and individuals, in addition to the scholarly sources.

The Norman Sicily Project puts everything all in one place and makes it possible for just about anybody to educate themselves about Sicily’s Norman past. There is so much to learn about this island’s history, and so much to discover. The Norman Sicily Project is working hard to document this history and make it available to everyone.