Ally on Why the Norman Sicily Project is Important

Throughout my time working with The Norman Sicily Project, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about so many different areas of study that I never would have experienced otherwise. Recently, I’ve been working on confirming the existence of the churches during the Norman period. In these past few weeks, I’ve gotten a glimpse at how historians use sources for their research. I had no idea how hard this was until I had to do it myself.

Ally's Behind the Scenes Take: Rebranding & Redesigning the Website

You might have noticed that The Norman Sicily Project’s website has recently undergone a lot of changes. Over the past few months, we’ve been working on creating a new interface for the site. Here’s a little behind the scenes of how we did everything. First Things First The first thing you should have when redesigning a website is a goal. What do you want from the new site? What can be improved upon from the current site?